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Mark's Update

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you probably heard rates jumped dramatically over the past few months. It’s slowed the housing market and made refinances tougher. However, we’re keeping busy by helping people become new homeowners and taking some time to breathe after a crazy couple of years! Rates should come down with time, so please reach out with questions, concerns, or to strategize about new opportunities.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been learning formation flying in my RV-8A aircraft and just got certified to fly formation in airshows. Formation flying involves flying extremely close to several other airplanes at up to 170 knots. We practice staying in position through all three axes of flight with steep angles of pitch and roll. We learn a specified act and ensure all pilots are properly trained in our well-choreographed routines. As you can imagine, we need to trust that our wingmen are 100% on their best game as “swapped paint” would ruin everyone’s day. While I’ve been focused on learning the ropes, here is a video to see what I have been up to: link