2024 Home Decor Trends

17, January, 2024

Looking to update your 2024 home décor? Today’s modern home boasts an eclectic mix of design trends to revamp your living space. So where can you turn to get your finger on the pulse of what's next in home design?

Social media platform Pinterest releases an annual report called Pinterest Predicts. This report analyzes user search results to identify the top interior design trends for this year. If re-inventing your dining room aesthetic, bringing a fresh look to your bedroom, or modernizing your kitchen is on your 2024 to-do list, save this article and read ahead.

Pinterest Predicts Report Trends

Pinterest shares its annual Pinterest Predicts report for designers to discover trending decor styles in search. While reviewing this year's report, five interior design trends come to the surface. These include Kitschy Kitchens, Cafecore, Western Gothic, Jellyfish, and Aquatecture.

Let's dive into each of these home design trends to understand how you can achieve them in your own home.

1. Kitschy Kitchens

Modern dining nook features coffee bar, part of the 2024 home decor trend cafecore.

Picture your kitchen as a vibrant canvas where playful patterns, retro vibes, and bold colors collide! Kitschy Kitchens is all about mixing funky with functional, bringing a dash of nostalgia and a whole lot of fun to your cooking haven.

A stop at your local vintage store will be the best way to achieve this trend in your kitchen. Try grabbing eclectic tea towels or start collecting your favorite mid-century modern Pyrex pattern. Try Etsy or eBay to start collecting eccentric salt and pepper shakers.

Spikes in the number of searches for “eclectic kitchen décor,” “eccentric kitchen” and “retro pink kitchens” lead this trend.

For inspiration, see our Kitschy Kitchens board on Pinterest.

2. Cafecore

Imagine sipping your latte in a cozy cafe... now imagine bringing that cozy vibe home. Cafecore transforms an area of your home into your coffeehouse. Why not mix a design trend with a personal hobby? If becoming an at-home barista is on your 2024 vision board, this may be the perfect fit for you.

Start with the appliances and tools for creating home-brewed coffee like an espresso machine and coffee grinder. Next, start learning different coffee brewing methods. From Chemex to pour-over, Aeropress to French press - there's no shortage of skills and accessories to grow your home cafe.

Take it to the next level by adding your favorite coffee shop aesthetic. Find the coffee cup set that perfectly matches your vibe, and start collecting beans from local shops to display in your new cafe nook.

Those creating a home café are searching for “Coffee bar styling,” “Cafe chalkboard” and “Coffee station décor.”

We’ve curated the best of Cafecore on our Pinterest board to get your homebrew station started.

3. Western Gothic

Dark, moody, and intriguing – that's the vibe of Western Gothic.

This trend starts with the ruggedness of the Wild West. Picture natural materials like antlers, animal skulls, and cow-print rugs.

Then marry it with the mysterious allure of gothic aesthetics. Dark earthy colors, ornate wood, and overstuffed leather furniture. The two mix together to create a vibe that's bold and surprising.

Searches that point to this design trend include “vintage Americana,” “western bedding ideas” and “western mirror.”

See our favorite examples of Western Gothic interiors on our Pinterest board.

4. Jellyfish

Dive into the tranquility of the ocean with Jellyfish-inspired décor.

You may have noticed that 2023 was all about mushroom accents on decor. Get ready to replace those foraged finds with something more gelatinous.

Soft textures, iridescent finishes, and organic shapes add a touch of serenity and whimsy to your home. Build a jellyfish light fixture with sustainable materials. Add a jellyfish accent pillow to your living room mix.

Or, consider bringing what guests might think is a real, live jellyfish into your home with a jellyfish lamp. Realistic (but fake) jellyfish swim among LED lights to give a new take on the old lava lamp style.

Pinterest searches for jellyfish trends include home décor and personal styles like "jellyfish lamps" and "jellyfish haircuts."

Get to know this trend by looking at our curated Pinterest board.

5. Aquatecture

Jellyfish aren't the only aquatic animal getting some attention in 2024. Get ready for aquatic architecture to become the focal point of your living room.

Join designers at the intersection of home décor and pet ownership by adding a tank to your home. Aquariums, terrariums, and vivariums are all tanks that fall under the Aquatecture umbrella. If you've been waiting to bring a real, live ecosystem into your home this is the year to do so.

Those who aren't up to aquatic ownership may opt for a plant terrarium. To get started, you can visit your local plant store or purchase a pre-made kit.

Search terms include “small aquarium design,” “fish tank theme ideas” and “bioactive vivarium.”

Start building your home aquatecture with inspiration from our Pinterest board.

The Game-Changing Elements

In addition to top searches from Pinterest, design experts have identified key themes to look out for in 2024. Think of partnering one of the above upcoming trends with one of these best practices to bring your home to life.

Warm Neutrals

Think cozy and inviting! These calming colors create a modern and comforting feel in your living areas. The four pure neutral colors are black, brown, grey, and white. Warm neutrals add undertones of yellow, pink, and red to the mix.

Stepping away from basic beige and adding a hint of color gives your home personality. By sticking to muted undertones, however, you create a simple backdrop for the rest of your decor.

Focal Points

It’s all about making a statement! Consider an eye-catching piece of furniture or a bold art piece. Creating focal points adds depth and personality to your rooms.

The key is to balance the number of focal points you have in a room so as not to overwhelm the senses. Less can create more impact and staying power!

Visual Interest

Spice things up! Combining different textures, patterns, and contrasting elements adds energy and interest to your space, making it far from dull.

Think patterned wallpapers with clashing patterned throw pillows. Add 2-3 mixed metals in your space. Include surprising textures like padded headboards, wood slat walls, or raised tiles.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, 2024 is the year to let your imagination run wild with these daring trends. From the playful nostalgia of Kitschy Kitchens to the mysterious allure of Western Gothic, these trends invite you to sprinkle a bit of magic and personality into your home.

Embrace the chaos of color palettes, the allure of the unexpected, and the cozy vibes of your favorite cafe. 2024 trends promise to turn your living space into a vibrant, personalized haven that's as unique as you are!

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