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Rory's Videos

Rory's website
  • 1st Payment Date

    Rory explains when your first payment will be due based on your closing date, what’s included in that payment, and how that affects your closing costs.
  • Cash to Close

    Rory provides a simple formula for calculating the cash you need to close.
  • Closing Cost Options

    Rory provides five ways to cover your closing costs.
  • Closing Timeline

    Rory details your timeline to closing, important documents you’ll receive, and what to expect in the final days before you close.
  • Discount Point

    Rory explains what discount points are and why a lower rate may increase your upfront cost.
  • Earnest Money Deposits

    Rory gives a quick rundown on earnest money deposits.
  • Home Purchase Process

    Rory provides a step-by-step guide to the homebuying process.
  • Lender Credit

    Rory explains how a lender credit can help you afford closing costs at the price of an increased interest rate.
  • Lender Fee

    Rory details what lender fees you may see when you get a home loan.
  • Recoup

    Rory helps you understand whether discount points make sense based on the recoup formula.
  • Rule of 500

    Rory provides a quick way to estimate your monthly payment on a home.
  • Servicing Auto Pay

    Rory explains what happens after your home loan closes and how you’ll make mortgage payments.
  • VA Funding Fee

    Rory provides information on the VA funding fee and what it will look like in your loan.
  • Who is Escrow?

    Rory gives you a quick rundown on escrow, what costs come with escrow, and why it’s important.

Jason's Videos

Jason's website

  • The Broadmoor of Colorado Springs, CO

    Jason meets with local realtor, Benjamin Kennedy, to discuss what brings people to the Broadmoor, how he helps people build wealth, and what he sees for the future.
  • High Forest Ranch in Colorado Springs, CO

    Whether you enjoy outdoor or city living, Jason shows some great spots in the High Forest Ranch area.
  • Rainbow Bay Marina in Oahu, HI

    The Rainbow Bay Marina area offers the chance to learn sailing and boating safety, pay respect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and discover at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.
  • Kahala, HI

    Jason visits Dr. Keifer and Dr. Creekmore to share how they are helping their Veteran and Active-Duty community treat their minds at Brain Health Hawaii.