The CCM Brand Story

When you find “the one,” you just know.

It’s like when you’re searching for your dream home. Your agent shows you a few houses, you try to picture yourself and your family living in them, but nothing completely clicks. Then you walk through the front door of “the one.” And you just know.

That’s how the process went when we decided it was time to refresh our brand with a new logo. We knew we wanted something that represents where CrossCountry Mortgage is today. Something that resonates with our customers and referral partners. Something that can stand alone without our company name or a tagline alongside it. Something striking.

We just didn’t know what that looked like. We considered several options that checked almost every box, but we still weren’t sure. Then we saw “the one.” And we just knew.

Sometimes — actually, every time — it’s best to go with your gut. Our new logo is simply our initials in a circle, like a stamp of approval. It hit home instantly with us.

We hope it will have the same impact on you: when you see it, along with everything else we have to offer, you’ll just know. CrossCountry Mortgage is “the one” for your home financing needs.

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CCM Mark

Our 5 new hues represent our company as well as everything exciting and rewarding about homeownership.

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Copy HEX

Founded 16 years ago in Cleveland, CrossCountry Mortgage has realized our original vision of becoming a nationwide, full-service lender that could provide more to our customers. We’re not slowing down or stopping anytime soon. By greatly expanding our mortgage-based solutions, product portfolio and nationwide footprint, we’re well on our way to achieving our ultimate goal: to become America’s leading and most reputable mortgage company.

Our color palette stays true to our roots while looking ahead to many more years of making homeownership dreams possible and affordable. Here’s what each color means to us:

ccm green hills

CCM Green

Our current primary color, green evokes visions of America’s rolling plains. It also represents growth and creates a restful, secure feeling. The mortgage process and eventual homeownership should do those things as well, and CCM is dedicated to making that happen for every customer from coast to coast.

signature blue pen

Signature Blue

When the time comes to finalize a mortgage loan at the closing table, using blue ink makes it easier to assume a document is a signed original as opposed to a black-and-white copy. CCM makes it easier and faster for our customers to arrive at this stage and get the keys to their new home.

ccm sunburst orange cleveland cityscape

Sunburst Orange

The sunburst orange Gibson Les Paul is one of the world’s most popular electric guitars, largely because Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page played one. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, another institution born in Cleveland, and as everyone knows, Cleveland Rocks!

ccm white picket fence

Picket Fence White

Popular since America's earliest colonial era, the white picket fence has come to symbolize the ideal middle-class suburban life, with a spouse and children, comfortable home, and peaceful living. CCM’s mission is to help all of our customers enjoy their version of the American dream.

ccm black calculate

In the Black

In business, a company in a positive financial position is “in the black.” Owning a home is one of the best ways to build equity, wealth, and a solid financial future. At CCM, we always have our customers’ best interests in mind and are committed to helping them achieve their financial goals.

So while we’ve changed a few things about our look, our primary objective is still the same. As always, we’ll do everything we can to get you through the mortgage process with flying colors so you can achieve your financial goals. Your licensed CrossCountry Mortgage loan officer is here to help, so start the conversation today!