Save on a loan for your manufactured home

Lower interest rate and monthly savings

Manufactured homes are affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient. Now, we’re making them even more affordable with a lower interest rate loan for qualified buyers.

The home has to be your primary residence, and you’ll need to meet income requirements, but if you qualify, you'll enjoy lasting savings.

Manufactured Home factory build Manufactured Home factory build

It’s factory-built and it’s a home!

While that’s true, let’s focus on the basics that make it eligible for a mortgage:

  • 1-unit dwelling, at least 12 feet wide with at least 400 sq ft of living space
  • Built on or after June 15, 1976 to meet Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards
  • Secured on a permanent, non-removable steel frame or chassis
  • Affixed to a permanent foundation
  • Connected to utilities – power, water, sewage disposal system
  • On land you own or are purchasing (with some exceptions)
  • Built in one or more sections and moved to the permanent site

A manufactured home is different from a modular, prefabricated, panelized, or sectional home. We’ll work with you to make sure the home you want is eligible for the loan savings.

Let’s make your loan easy

Follow our simple steps to homeownership

Start with a personal consultation so we can make sure you and the home you want to buy qualify for this reduced rate loan. Then:

Apply online or in person
Verify your documents
Get conditional approval
Complete processing and underwriting
Close your loan and start saving

Make an affordable move with a lower-rate loan.