Specialty Loan Programs

More Options to Meet Your Needs

At CrossCountry Mortgage we understand that not everyone can qualify for conventional loan programs. That’s why CrossCountry Mortgage offers specialty niche programs in addition to our traditional home purchase options that can help you achieve your homeownership goals.

Bank Statement:

Allows self-employed borrowers to qualify with alternative documents instead of tax returns.

Asset Qualifier:

Allows high-net-worth borrowers to qualify solely off their liquid assets (no income required).

Full Doc:

A product to help provide coverage to borrowers who may not meet Agency or Prime Jumbo guidelines.

Investor Cash Flow:

Allows real estate investors to finance an investment property by using the property’s gross rent to qualify instead of the borrower’s personal income.

Alt Doc – 1099:

A reduced doc program that allows a borrower to qualify off the average of 1099 income instead of tax returns.

Foreign National:

Offers flexible qualification requirements and a streamlined financing process to help those without U.S. residency or U.S. credit.

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