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Applying for a Mortgage: More Than Just Rate Shopping

There's a lot more to a mortgage than just rates. A truly knowledgeable mortgage professional brings a lot more to the process to help you see your mortgage options through a "big picture" lens.

Demystifying the Homebuying Process

The homebuying process can seem intimidating, but there’s no better time to explore the benefits of homeownership than now. The best place to start is with a little education.

The Benefits of Buying Over Renting

There are pros and cons for both renting and buying a home. It depends on location, budget and which best fits your personal goals!

12 Things Not to Do When Obtaining a Mortgage Loan

Buying or refinancing your home does not have to be scary or intimidating. With these tips, you will be ensured a smooth and efficient mortgage process.

Perspective Letter

2019 has come to an end, but we can take the lessons into 2020 to create new beginnings and new perspectives.

The Benefits of Working With a Real-Life Mortgage Loan Officer

Online lending is on the rise because of its convenience, but actual interaction with a mortgage professional may be able to offer even more.

The Essential First-Time Homebuyer Tips for Success

Before you take the leap into the mortgage process, equip yourself with this important information first!

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