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Should I Refinance My Student Loans with My Home Equity?

The federal student loan freeze has been pushed back until June 2023, which may give you some time to explore ways to repay your student loans and save money. Find out if refinancing your student loans with your home equity is the right move for you.


What Credit Score is Needed for a Home Loan?

While many factors come into play when you are qualifying for a mortgage, your credit score is one of the most important. However, before you can start working toward improving your score, you must first know what credit score is needed for a home loan. Find out what score is the best to secure your home loan.


How to Lower Debt to Income Ratio

What is debt-to-income ratio, and why does it matter when you apply for a mortgage? Find out what debt-to-income ratio is and how you can lower it.


How to Get Rid of PMI?

PMI is a form of insurance that is designed to protect a lender in the event you default on your mortgage. Your PMI payment amount will depend on the loan balance and loan to value of your loan.The good news is that you can eventually get rid of PMI.


CCM Trend Tracker – Reflections from the Last Year

The CCM team recently sat down with Chris Bennett, principal of mortgage hedge advisory firm Vice Capital Markets, for his expert insights on the state of the market in 2022 and what to expect in 2023. Find out what he had to share.


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