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Using Your Assets (IRA/retirement distributions) to qualify for a home loan

After being told my 3 different companies that the customer could not get a loan, he now has a smile on his face as he could achieve his personal goals and tap into some of the equity in his home thanks to Jay.


The Value of Being Prepared to Buy – buyers and sellers take note!

Whether you are a buyer or seller, spend the time and get yourself prepared, and early! We always say the moment you start to think about buying a home you should consult a mortgage professional to have a simple high-level conversation about buying and the mortgage process.


Are you switching jobs and worried about getting a home loan?

Jay received a call from a potential home buyer to purchase a single-family home in Connecticut. The buyer wanted to close on the new home while in between jobs and was worried about how to pull that off. Jay dug deep, asked the questions, listened and discovered the answer and solution! 


Brother helps sister become owner to his property that she was currently renting

Jay helped a brother and sister find a perfect solution for their rental property issue.


Misconceptions around down payment (needing 20% down or paying Private Mortgage Insurance!)

Often consumers believe that they need to have 20% down or need to pay Mortgage Insurance, and that is often not the case. Tolisano believes that his role as a mortgage loan originator is to not only provide great service, and a process that makes his clients lives as easy as possible, but also to provide financial advice that will set them up for success.


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