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What makes a Co-op “Non-Warrantable”?

So what makes a building “non-warrantable”? There are probably dozens of things that could make a building non-warrantable, but in my experience there are 5 common issues.


1st Time Buyer Programs for Co-ops

Many buyers think that a down payment of 20% or more is required for a co-op. However, that’s simply not true with all buildings!


So What Is A Co-op, Anyway?

Co-op is short for a Co-operative building. The building and land are typically owned by a corporation whereby a buyer is buying shares in the corporation (the co-op) in order to buy in the building.


The Financing Process for a Co-op Apartment

I’m often asked if the mortgage process and rates are different for a Co-op compared to other property types.  Generally, the rates tend to be similar for a Co-op compared with other property types.


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