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Parking, Gasoline, Rates, and Snoop Dogg!

I’ve been in three car accidents in my lifetime, the first was on the day I got my driver’s license. I rammed the dumpster at the Dairy Queen by my home in Wilmette because I thought I had the car in reverse, panicked as the car moved forward, and slammed headfirst into it. The dumpster was full – it was during the 1982 garbage strike, and one big garbage bag fell onto my hood – it looked like a Dilly Bar pipe bomb exploded all over my car.

Angels Keeping Rates Low, Big Dogs, and Gold!

Angel Quote of the Day: “Never travel faster than your guardian angel can fly.” – Mother Teresa

Today in Economic History: It was on this day in 1878 that due to a decrease in demand, the US Gold Exchange closed its doors, only to reopen again in 1879. What’s that, you want 10 fun facts about gold? Okay, here you go .

Bowling, Stray Cats, and Stable Rates

When I was in the 4th grade our school tried to get us to learn the Metric System, I hated it. I came home and was complaining to my sister – who was in 8th grade at the time. She said, “I know, it’s so confusing – we learned today that in Canada a perfect game in bowling is 306 instead of 300 – all because of metrics.” I had no reason to think my own sister would screw with me like that, and I believed this lie until I was a freshman in high school when I bet this kid named Bruno that a Canadian bowler’s perfect score was 306.

The Greatness of our Veterans, Rates Inch Up, and Fast Food Facts!

I’ve been to the emergency room twice in my life. The first happened my freshman year in college when I was complaining to the girls sitting next to me in class that I had a headache. One of them reached into her purse and gave me a Tylenol. After I took it they both started cracking up – as a joke she gave me ‘the pill’.  I freaked out, rushed to the hospital thinking I would have some weird reaction and die, but the doctor who saw me said nothing would happen and as I left the room he told me, “at least you won’t get pregnant tonight.”

Looking at Rates, Coffee, and Nature Photos!

My Marketing Department makes me get this blog to them on Tuesday morning so they have time to dress it up for Wednesday morning release. This means that the rates I’m about to quote now may be totally out of whack from the election results. Assuming everything stays the same the 30yr fixed conforming rates are up slightly from last week – you’ll find them anywhere from 2.75% - 3.125%, with Jumbo rates (*over $510k) also in the high-2s/low-3s.

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