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Fannie Packing Higher Rates!

Fire Quote of the Day: “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch (*this guy was a French general in WWI and won a ton of awards and medals during his military career, but all I can think about is how the kids in school must have constantly teased him about his last name.)

Apple Pie, Old Computers, and Low, Low Rates!!

Kind of a dumb thought to start the blog but I want to put it out there. Just watched Tom Hanks in Cast Away and it got me thinking: If that happened to him in real life he would totally dominate being a contestant on Survivor.

Ranting About Houses, Shrinking Dollars, and Shrinking Rates

Before we dive into the world of mortgages, I’d like to start the blog with a rant today… To the marketing team at Liberty Mutual: your commercials are not funny. At all. They are annoying. I’ve never hated birds in my life but now I can’t stand emus and it’s not even their fault!  I know you think that if you beat us over the head with constant advertising we will eventually like you. It doesn’t work as a song on the radio where we eventually give up and give in (see: Who Let the Dogs Out)

Let's Give Credit To Elvis, The Muppets, and Low Rates!

I was 15-years old in 1981. To me the worst part of that year was Charlie’s Angels and The Muppet Show both got canceled. The worst part of that year for my dad? Buying a home when 30-year fixed rates were at their all-time highs. In September of 1981 rates were at 18.75%  - and that’s only if you paid 2 points which was the norm back then.

Discover Low Rates, the FBI, and Conspiracy Theories

My wife came downstairs this morning and said to me, “Notice anything different?” So… just a public service announcement to women everywhere: Men are not observant creatures. I bluffed and said, “Yes, I love it!!!!!!” She then asked me what I loved about it. So… just a public service announcement to men everywhere: Women always know when you’re bluffing. And now I write this blog from the doghouse. 

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