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Why Did Mortgage Rates Go Down Yesterday When the Fed Raised their Rate?

I wanted to explain how the Fed raised their Fed Funds Rate by .25% last week, but mortgage rates went down. How does that happen?


What should your home humidity levels be set at each season?

Humidity levels can be a big deal in a home. Too little humidity can cause damage to your house, irritate your skin/eyes/sinuses or dry out your plants. But too much humidity can cause condensation on your windows, mold in your walls and even moisture damage.


Realtors, If your buyers are on the fence because of high mortgage rates, this new program can help!

As mortgage rates rose last year, we saw buyers move over to the sidelines. But letting them know about this program we recently announced might just be the thing that gets them back in the market and out looking.


Gift Taxes on Downpayments

Tip of the Week – Gift Taxes on downpayment, what most people don’t know. 


Welcome change coming to credit reports!

Medical collections can really decrease a client's credit score, but starting next month, once they have paid off the collection it will no longer be included on credit reports. Also...


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