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If You Have No Credit Score, There Are Still Options For A Mortgage Loan

The truth is simple: you can get a mortgage loan even if you have no credit score. While a score (specifically a good score) increases the convenience of getting a high-quality loan, there are still options.

How Much Debt Is Too Much To Secure A Mortgage?

One factor a lender will consider is your debt load. To decide whether you should get the loan, they will take into account how much debt payments you have every month. It’s far from the only thing they consider, but it’s one of the most important.

FHA Is Making It Easier To Finance Condo Units

These rules have made it easier to finance an affordable, convenient condo units, and it’s creating new opportunities for a variety of buyers.

Essential Facts About FHA Loans That You Probably Don’t Know

While most people, even those who have never purchases a house, have heard of FHA loans, few people truly understand what they (really) are and how they (really) work. With that in mind, we’d like to provide a few FHA loan facts to give you a better understanding of this important mortgage product.

Did You Know? You Can Invest In Real Estate Using An FHA Loan!

People generally think of FHA loans as a way to purchase their personal house, but you can invest in real estate using an FHA loan. With the right strategy, using these types of loans for your investment will make the entire process swift and easy.

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