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Purchasing an Investment Property

Have you ever thought about purchasing an investment property? Investing in real estate is becoming increasingly common and it is apparent why.

What is an FHA Loan?

An FHA loan is a loan from the Federal Housing Administration. It is designed to be a loan for the people that the average American can take advantage of.  The FHA loan is not very score conscious and has some guidelines that are a little less stringent than most other loans.

What to Expect When Getting Prequalified for a Home

Most everyone has thought to themselves, “I want to buy my own home” at one point or another; whether it be because they want to move out of their parent’s house, are tired of paying their landlord’s mortgage for them, or want to have pride of owning something of their very own.  However, just having the idea and wishing for it to come true cannot make it happen.

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