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Breaking Down HECM Myths

There are many misunderstandings about Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs). Something everyone can agree on is what HECMs are: FHA-backed reverse mortgages for borrowers age 62 and over. They offer an avenue for older homeowners to use a portion of the equity in their homes to supplement their income in retirement.

HECM Misconceptions

We explain common misconceptions with Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. HECMs are probably the home loan product with the most misconceptions. If you 62 or older, these three HECM facts should help ease your mind as you consider your options.

HECM Basics

What you need to know about Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.

Retirement and Income Planning

The Role of Home Equity Conversion Mortgages in Retirement Funding

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