Buying a Home Without W-2s or Paystubs.

04, December, 2020

You think outside the box. So do we with our own Signature Series Loans.

You work hard for your money, you want to buy a home, and you need a mortgage. But wait. You’re self-employed. Or you want to qualify to buy an investment property using rental income from property you own. Or your investments are the source of your earnings. Now what? You need to prove your income, but you don’t have W-2s or paystubs. Can you get a home loan? YES!

The CrossCountry Mortgage Signature Series of proprietary loan products offers mortgages for people with less-traditional employment and sources of income.

Why your income source matters.

When you take out a mortgage, you’re asking the lender (CCM, of course!) to trust you with a hefty amount of money. In return, you promise to repay the loan over time, plus interest. The lender and the investor who supplies the money need to know you can afford your monthly mortgage payment and ultimately pay back the loan in full. To measure these things as well as your creditworthiness, lenders look at several factors, including your credit scores, payment history, debt load, work history, income, and assets.

When it comes to income, lenders want to see stability and predictability. To some, that means traditional employment with earnings and withholdings reported on a W-2 tax form. At CrossCountry Mortgage, we go beyond the ordinary with loans that recognize different ways to measure your ability to pay.

an entrepreneur researching proprietary loan products for the self-employed

You’re a real estate investor.

When you want to buy an investment property and you already own rental properties, you should be able to use the income from your current properties to qualify for a mortgage. If you can show a healthy cash flow, you’re demonstrating you know how to make a success of property investment. Our Signature Investor Cash Flow Loan is for you.

You’ve chosen self-employment.

You’re an entrepreneur. Clients seek you out for your expertise and you enjoy the freedom and challenge of self-employment. No boss or W-2s for you; you document your income with 1099s. Now you’re ready for your own home, and we can help with our Signature 1099 Loan. We’ll use your self-employment income, verified with 1099 tax forms, to help you say yes to the home of your dreams.

You’re self-employed and want another choice.

We say we have more options, and we mean it. You’re a freelancer, a consultant, a self-employed business wizard. Instead of using tax documents, how about using your bank statements, personal or business, to show us the money? We’ll need 12-24 months of statements to verify your income. Ask about our Signature Bank Statement Program and we’ll show you the way home.

You’re a high-net-worth client.

Congratulations! You’ve accumulated substantial assets, so you should qualify for a home loan, right? The money’s in savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or even a plain old bank account. You can document it, but your income is irregular. Relax. We recognize your worth and we think our Signature Asset Qualifier Loan may be the answer. The name says it all.

CrossCountry Mortgage offers more loan choices.

At CCM, we recognize our clients’ changing needs. We offer a wide range of home loans, from conventional and jumbo to VA, FHA, and USDA. But we don’t stop there. We have loans with low down payments and loans with down payment assistance programs. We have the mortgages described above for real estate investors, high-net-worth borrowers, and self-employed clients. We can help foreign national borrowers and clients who want to buy non-warrantable condos. The list goes on from there.

Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or renovating, we have mortgages to suit virtually every borrower and home financing situation. Contact me and let me find the right loan for you.