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Our team + your home loan = success!

Our mortgage team is dedicated to one thing. You. We work together to give you the smoothest home loan experience possible. Because we each have our own role, we can concentrate on helping you with our individual expertise, creating a mortgage process that moves easily from milestone to milestone. Our commitment to communication means you will always know what’s happening as your loan progresses, and you can reach out with your questions at any time. We offer a wide range of loan programs, from FHA and VA to conventional and jumbo. We have the knowledge and experience to find the loan that’s right for you. Whether you are buying, refinancing, or renovating, our team is ready to give you the outstanding mortgage experience you deserve.
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Owning a home is exciting and rewarding!

We’re here to make the financing process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible — because it’s more than a mortgage, it’s the keys to your future!

Whether it’s your first home, a luxury home or an investment property, a mortgage puts you in position to enjoy all sorts of personal and financial benefits: equity and wealth building, security and stability, pride of ownership and more!

At CrossCountry Mortgage, your future is our focus.

With 19 years of industry experience, Rich Daesener knows how to tailor each customer’s individual mortgage experience to fit their needs. A former CPA, Rich has a strong understanding of self-employed borrowers and knows how to work with their unique challenges to ease their homebuying journey. He understands that everybody’s home loan situation is unique and works closely with each customer to help them achieve their goals.

Rather than simply finance his customer’s loans, Rich works to gain a deeper understand of each customer’s needs to provide them with additional options throughout the mortgage process. As a first-time homebuyer, you may not be aware of all the options available when it comes to home financing. Rich ensures that you are well-informed when it comes to these options and will discuss the pros and cons of each with any customer that comes his way.

When Rich isn’t helping customers finance their homes, he’s heavily involved in his community, volunteering at his local youth center and getting involved in mission work. He also loves spending time with his friends and family, traveling, and trying new food and drinks.

Are you ready to work with Rich to finance your next property? Feel free to contact him and he can get you started!

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