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Rigo Montes

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Phoenix, AZ Mortgage Lender

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2162 E Williams Field Road, Office 07
Gilbert, AZ 85295
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About Rigo

Hi, I'm Rigo Montes, and I'm here to make your homeownership journey as exciting as it should be. Stepping into the mortgage industry in December 2022 wasn't just a career move for me. It was a passion project fueled by my love for real estate investing.

To me, buying a home isn't just about finding four walls and a roof—it's about making a smart investment in your future. That's why I'm on a mission to educate and empower our community, helping homebuyers like you see the big picture and show you how you can turn your home into a valuable asset.

What makes my service stand out? It's simple: I'm here to help you win. Whether it's guiding you toward equity gain or maximizing cash flow, I'm all about setting you up for long-term success. And my support doesn't end at closing; I'll always be here to answer any questions that may arise even after you get the keys.

Outside of work, I’m all about time at home. I’m happily married with two kids, and my wife and I own three rentals where we enjoy doing DIY projects as a family. Creating amazing homes, both personally and professionally, is central to my life.

If you’re interested in discovering how owning a home can be such a valuable asset, I’m here to help. I look forward to building our relationship and showing you the path to homeownership, one milestone at a time.


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A homeowner with a child on his lap calculating whether to buy a new home or refinance his home loan

Owning a home is fun and fulfilling!

What’s not to love about having a space that is entirely yours? You can paint your bathroom fuchsia, have hardwood in the master, put up a wild Mosaic in the kitchen, install a smart thermostat, you name it. After all, it’s your home!

Equally enjoyable are the other personal and financial advantages of being a homeowner: security and stability, equity and wealth building, and more! I’m here to help you get the most from your home financing — whether you’re buying your first home, moving up or downsizing to match your lifestyle, or refinancing your current mortgage.

Helping your home financing process go smoothly.


  • The Mortgage Process

    There are some major milestones on your road to home financing. As your loan officer, I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you understand each one and get through them quickly.

  • Payment Calculator

    How much will your mortgage payment be? How much can you save if you refinance? Is it better to buy than rent? Use these online calculators to crunch the numbers and see for yourself.

  • Find the Right Loan

    I separate myself from other lenders by offering a broader selection of home financing options — from loans for first-time homebuyers to refinance programs for accessing your home’s equity.

  • Home Loan Check List

    Before you explore the endless options of home financing, some preparation is in order. Planning ahead for your mortgage is the key to an easier and more successful home financing process.

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