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Our team + your home loan = success!

Our team is now your team. We are here to keep you updated, answer all of your questions, and make sure you're confident in every step you take. Each of us has your back.

Sr. Loan Officer: DeAnna Morgan

DeAnna handles structuring of loans, and all client consultations. Her job is to go over your long term and short term goals, and help create a mortgage plan specifically for your needs. She is a Certified Mortgage Advisor and will help you create wealth through homeownership. DeAnna enjoys spending time outdoors, whether it is in the mountains or at the beach. Family and friends play an important part in her life outside of work.

Loan Processing Specialist: Shannon Blackwell

Shannon handles the team's files from contract to close. Her job is to effectively communicate with clients about information needed throughout the loan process, and ensure all loans close on time. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys spending time at the lake with friends and family.

Client Application Coordinator: Jasmin Moreno

Jasmin handles the team's new leads from referral partners and other various sources. Her job is to assist our clients with loan applications and guide them from the beginning of the process through pre-approval. She is also a licensed loan officer and can speak Spanish. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys any type of food and traveling.

The living room of a homeowner who worked with local loan officers in Flower Mound, TX

Owning a home is exciting and rewarding!

We’re here to make the financing process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible — because it’s more than a mortgage, it’s the keys to your future!

Whether it’s your first home, a luxury home or an investment property, a mortgage puts you in position to enjoy all sorts of personal and financial benefits: equity and wealth building, security and stability, pride of ownership and more!

At CrossCountry Mortgage, your future is our focus.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service in the industry. Every day we help homeowners just like you achieve their home financing goals while providing the guidance and technology for a fast, stress-free process with no surprises.

The biggest purchase of your life deserves the attention of the best mortgage professionals. Our licensed loan officers bring decades of proven performance and integrity to the table. The entire team collaborates to close your loan quickly, and our sole focus is to help you achieve your homeownership goals while keeping you informed throughout the process.
  • 2021 $28.8 Million Funded
  • In 2021 Over 102 in Units Sold
  • Over 17 Years Experience

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