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We are a team of mortgage loan originators that place great emphasis on humanizing the mortgage experience and fostering strong partnerships with our clients. In a digital landscape where transactions can be impersonal, we strive to be your personal guides throughout your journey of homeownership.

We understand that the loan process can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we want to provide a transparent and welcoming platform for our customers to familiarize themselves with our team. When you work with us, you can trust that you are not being directed to a queue for any random employee to handle your loan. We are a specific team of individuals who work collaboratively to provide you with the best mortgage options available.

Our team is characterized by a synergistic approach, which means that we work together to provide you with unparalleled product knowledge, availability, and likeability. We are transparent in our communication and dedicated to providing you with the support you need throughout the entire loan process.

We pride ourselves on being the best option for both agents looking to grow their business and buyers seeking to purchase a home. When you work with us, you can trust that you are working with an established team that is knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. We have a proven track record of success and an online presence to support our message.

In short, we are more than just mortgage loan originators, we are a team of individuals working together to make the process of homeownership as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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2023 Scotsman Guide Top Women Originator logo and winner, Shireen Shackelford's headshot

Scotsman Guide Top Women Originator!

Thank you to my team, clients, and partners for making this accomplishment possible. As Top Women Originator, I became #1 female in Ohio for units closed and #37 female in the country. With a total dollar volume of $81,784,084, closed 372 loans, and ranked #599 on the list.


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