Can’t find the perfect home?

Create it with a renovation loan!

Sometimes the home of our dreams isn’t on the market. Instead of settling, a renovation loan allows you to buy a good home and make it into your own.

But it gets better: Instead of house hunting, you can refinance with a renovation loan to turn your existing home into the perfect abode. That means you can move into your dream home – without moving!

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What can I do with a renovation loan?

A home improvement can increase your home’s value and help you build equity. Renovation loans make this easy by including the purchase or refinance and renovation costs in one loan, giving you cash in hand to start your project.

Give your home TLC in 6 simple steps


Get pre-approved
Before looking at properties or planning your project, learn what you can afford


Apply for a mortgage
Talk to a loan officer to learn which program is right for you and complete any requirements (like selecting a contractor)


We’ll review your loan
After you’ve submitted your documents, our team will verify your information and order an appraisal


Receive conditional approval
Our underwriters will request any additional items needed at this stage


One last loan review
Once complete, you’re clear to close!


Get started
We’ll confirm the closing date and location – putting you one day closer to owning your dream home

After closing and starting your renovation, your CCM renovation specialist will still be here to help. We’ll schedule periodic inspections, take care of draw releases to pay your contractor, and always be available to answer any questions you have.

Have a renovation plan?